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Feb 23, 2013 6:00pm PST
. out of the northwest. accept rosa, 60. 63, napa. concord, 60. 57 in san jose. monterey, 54. right now from the high definition roof top camera, beautiful shift of the embarcadero and number are starting to go down, san francisco, 32 right now. 51 in san jose. petaluma, 40s. 54 in live moore, and here's another live look from our mt. tamalpais camera, richardson bay down here, san francisco in the background. clear skies but the camera bobbing as the winds are still gusting. santa rosa, 5 5. concord right now, 53. here's a look at the forecast. highlights. we'll go with clear sky. breezy overnight. get ready for more sunshine for sunday. less wind, which means temperatures come up a few more degrees. next week looks terrific. going to feel like spring, especially thursday and friday, with highs climbing close to 70. we'll take that. the wind will die down tonight and that going to mean temperatures coming down a few more degrees. in the north boy, mid-30s, and east bay locations. so look for 40s near the peninsula. le half moon bay, 42 degrees. a pacific satellite showing you that
Feb 16, 2013 6:00pm PST
temperatures today -- here's a look at the highs. santa rosa, 72. napa, 73. concord, 67. 68 today in san jose. monterey, reached a high of 73 degrees. and we're beginning to see a little light fog right just outside the golden gate. this is from the high definition east bay cam. you see the marin headlands. 54 in novato, we'll show you the bay bridge, and you can see the clear sky there as well. we have 58 degrees ago now in santa rosa, napa, 69. 61 in concord. gilroy, 63. here's a look at our forecast. we'll put you in through much of next week as well. we'll go with passing high clouds tonight but really we're going to notice fog redeveloping in spots around the bay area. get ready for sunshine for sunday but it is going to begin to cool down. you'll notice that. then a much colder, wetter week, as we head into the first and middle part of next week. here's a look at the high clouds that moved across the bay area this afternoon. they will push on out towards the east. this is a little bit of fog that pushes in near the coast and probably moves in through the peninsula as well as th
Feb 2, 2013 6:00pm PST
in gilroy. right now we are pretty much in the 50s. we're 53 in santa rosa, novato, 52. 55, oakland, san francisco, 51 in san jose, and 56 right now in antioch as those clouds continue to thicken up across the bay area. and it will be passing over us from time to time tonight. also, some patchy valley fog will redevelop, and it took time for it to burp off this morning so we'll go with hazy sun for our supersunday, and enjoy the next couple of days with mild temperatures because we're going to see some big changes. cooler weather next week and the return of showers. lows tonight, upper 30s to near 40 degrees. interior locations, watch out for the fog. the clouds moving in as well. otherwise we'll look for mid-up toker 40s around the bay as well as the coast. high pressure still in command. although it is starting to weaken with high clouds moving from southern california towards the bay area. so hazy sunshine tomorrow, and then tuesday and wednesday and thursday, the he well start to break down, and that is when we'll see the weather pattern change to more of a colder scenario. supe
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3